names:(Robert and Langer)

Search all of the fields that have names in them (e.g., Inventors, Applicants, Assignees) to retrieve inventions from specific people or companies.

Note the use of AND rather than double quotes which allows for the first and last name to be configured in different orders, with and without middle initials.

(crspr or *cas9) and pubdate:2016

Find documents published in 2016 with the term CRISPR or the term CAS preceded by anything.
The * means "match anything." For example, *cas9 will find cas9 as well as spcas9.

ttl_abst_clm:("cytoplasmic content") and pubcountry:(US or EP)

Return US and European patents where the exact phrase "cytoplasmic content" occurs in either the title, abstract, or claims.